6 Things I Learned from a Market Downturn

Tradinformed - Market Downturn

Last week I was like most traders around the world. As the markets fell, I was biting my nails, drinking gallons of coffee and waiting anxiously for the next leg down. Each morning I would wake up and check the markets on my phone before doing anything else. But as last week’s violent market downturn […]

How to Trade Bitcoin Like a Pro

bitcoin price

2017 saw Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies blow up from nowhere to become the world’s most popular financial story. Digital millionaires were being made overnight and everyone wants to trade bitcoin and grab a piece of this incredible new market. Now in 2018 we find bitcoin futures listed on the CME and hedge funds springing […]

4 Ways to Trade the Santa Claus Rally

Tradinformed - Santa Claus Rally

At this time of year investors and traders are looking forward to a bit of festive cheer. December has historically been seen as the best month for stocks. In this article, I am going to analyse whether the Santa Claus Rally still holds true and how to trade it. If you prefer to watch something […]

Improve your Trading by Changing your Thinking

Tradinformed - cognitive bias and trading

In this article, I look at how a pair of research psychologists have revolutionised how we think. I discuss how their work helps explain why a few traders are very profitable, while the majority struggle to make money. At the end of the article, I have a few ideas for simple trading strategies. The Undoing […]

How to Trade a EUR/USD Breakout Strategy

EUR/USD with Donchian Bands

Why a Breakout Strategy is an Essential Part of Your Portfolio Every trader should consider including a breakout strategy in their portfolio. Breakout strategies are simple to understand and trade. They are great for the lazy or time-poor trader. They reward patience and consistency. They give diversification and work well in bull and bear markets. But […]

How to Time S&P 500 Entries Using the VIX

VIX S&P 500 Entry Signal

I recently received an email from Dr Alexander Elder in which he mentions using the VIX Volatility Index as an entry signal for the S&P 500. I particularly like that this trading idea is specific and measurable. In this article, I talk about the entry signal and show the results of testing this strategy. Alexander […]

The Best Sources of Free Historical Price Data

One of the questions that I am asked most often is: where can I get free online historical price data? In this article I look at some the best sources of free online data. I give my thoughts on why each source is useful, pitfalls to avoid and links to some useful resources. Why Should I […]