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Excel STOCKHISTORY Function – Ultimate Traders Guide

Excel Stockhistory Article

Traders and investors are now able to use the Excel STOCKHISTORY function. It is currently available for all Excel 365 subscribers. I’ve been using it for a while, and I am impressed with it. I can see that this will be a handy tool for many people. Despite the name, you can get more than […]

How to Calculate Renko in Excel

Zen - Stone in Water - Renko Bars

This article explains why many traders benefit from using Renko charts. It also explains how to calculate Renko and get a free Renko Excel spreadsheet. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication Leonardo Da Vinci Efficient Financial Markets Modern financial markets are highly efficent and they move fast. Trade times are often measured in microseconds. We switch […]

Get Live Stock and ETF Data in Excel 365 – Really Fast!

It is really useful to have live price data in Excel. And Microsoft has now made it much easier to import this data into our spreadsheets. Once you have set up the spreadsheet you can customize it and use it to track the markets and monitor your strategies and investments.  In this article, I demonstrate […]

Calculate Fibonacci Retracements Automatically

Fib Retracements EUR/USD

This article shows you how to calculate Fibonacci Retracements in Excel. Like many traders, I love using Fibonacci Retracements on my charts. They are an excellent way to make sense of what the market is doing. They can be used for entry points, exit points and setting stop-loss levels. However, it is easy to use […]

How To Trade 3 Line Break Charts Profitably

“A more subtle form of point and figure charts” 3 Line Break Charts are a fascinating type of charting system that originated in Japan. They are particularly useful for identifying the current trend and also trend reversals. In this article, I explain what 3 line break charts are, give ideas for trading them. I show the […]

EUR/USD Backtested – Technical Indicators and Random Entry

Tradinformed - EUR/USD and Random Entry

Random Entry This article is the second in a series investigating how effective random entry can be in a trading strategy. In this article, I am looking at combining a random entry factor with technical indicators to see if it makes the system more reliable. You can read the previous article here: Backtesting a EUR/USD Trading Strategy […]

Backtesting a EUR/USD Trading Strategy Using an ATR Trailing Stop

In this article I will show the results of my backtest of a EUR/USD trading strategy. What is interesting about this test is that I used a random entry signal. I also used a trailing stop based on the ATR to close the positions. The results showing that a random entry trading strategy can be […]