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How to Trade With the PSAR New Analysis

How to Trade the PSAR

This article is a comprehensive guide about how to trade with the PSAR indicator. You will read about: Whether you are just getting started with the PSAR or you have been trading it for years and want to learn more, this is the article for you. You might find the best PSAR settings a surprise […]

How to Calculate Renko in Excel

Zen - Stone in Water - Renko Bars

This article explains why many traders benefit from using Renko charts. It also explains how to calculate Renko and get a free Renko Excel spreadsheet. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication Leonardo Da Vinci Efficient Financial Markets Modern financial markets are highly efficent and they move fast. Trade times are often measured in microseconds. We switch […]

How to Calculate the Williams %R Using Excel

Williams Percent R on EUR/USD

In this article and video, I show how to calculate the Williams %R using Excel. The Williams %R is a technical indicator developed by Larry Williams. It is an oscillator that is used by traders to identify underlying market strength. Video: How to Calculate Williams %R Williams Percent Range The %R is a fast-moving oscillator that is […]

How to Calculate the PSAR Indicator – New Version

Tradinformed - How to Calculate PSAR in Excel

Table of Contents The PSAR The Next Step: Get More Winning Trades Video How to Calculate the PSAR Calculate More Indicators In this article, I talk about how to calculate the PSAR indicator. I show how the indicator can be used and describe the formulas for calculating it in Excel. I have also recorded a video showing how to […]

How to Calculate the Stochastic Indicator using Excel

How to Calculate the Stochastic Oscillator Using Excel

The Stochastic Oscillator is a hugely popular trading indicator.  The indicator was developed by George Lane. Tracking Momentum The stochastic oscillator is comprised of two lines, %K and %D. The main line is called %K and it tracks price momentum. Price momentum is calculated by comparing the current price with the highest and lowest prices over […]

Mastering the Elder Ray – The Ultimate Buy The Dip Indicator

How to trade and calculate the Elder Ray

The Elder Ray technical indicator was created by Dr. Alexander Elder.   Buy the dip has been one of the easiest and most profitable trading styles over the past decade of rising stock prices. The Elder Ray is vital to this – it tells you when to buy into a trend and when to stand […]