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Are you struggling to make good trading decisions? These 5 tips might help

good trading decisions

Two traders start their day. They both wake up at 7 am ready to face the markets. They check what the markets have done overnight and read the latest articles on Bloomberg. Both traders are organised, diligent and have a positive mental attitude. They have both worked hard to learn the skills needed: How to read […]

How this Psychology Experiment Can make You a Better Trader

I recently thought about the similarities between becoming a successful trader and successfully losing weight. Both of them can be very challenging and need a combination of knowledge, discipline and persistence. One thing I found fascinating was a psychology experiment carried out by researchers at Stanford University. This experiment tested the willpower of students and has some […]

Trading and Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors - Trading Psychology

What do trading the financial markets have to do with the game Rock, Paper, Scissors? In this article I look at why researchers organised a competition at a university in China and how their analysis of the competition showed about people’s instinctive bias. This bias casts a light onto an important reason why traders succeed or […]