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An MFI Trading Strategy That You Should Know About (New for 2020)

MFI Trading Strategy

This MFI trading strategy is designed to give you large winning trades. This strategy is perfect for people who are patience and willing to wait for the best opportunities. The MFI (Money Flow Index) is a fascinating technical indicator that combines price and volume. I always recommend learning how an indicator is calculated. See my […]

A Volatility Retracement Trading Strategy

This video and article shows you a volatility trading strategy that you can trade today. Take advantage of the best of both calm and volatile markets. Watch the Video Now Volatility Comes From Emotions The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the […]

Easy to Use Renko Trading Strategy – Video

“If you can keep your head when all about youAre losing theirs…” If – Rudyard Kipling This video article shows a Renko Trading Strategy that you can use to trade the S&P 500 or SPY ETF. Renko Trading Strategy – Video Watch the video to see me demonstrating the strategy. You can see the strategy […]

A Simple RSI Mean Reversion Strategy

Mean Reversion - RSI

One of the most important lessons that every trader needs to learn is to trade a strategy that fits your personality. It happens all the time that people end up in conflict with their own trading strategy. I used to think that I should always trade the most profitable strategy – but it does not […]

A Profitable Nasdaq QQQ Long-Term Strategy

Nasdaq QQQ Long Term Strategy

This article describes a Nasdaq QQQ trading strategy. The strategy is easy to manage and it will keep you on the right side of the all the major trends. You can watch the video below to see me demonstrating the strategy. Nasdaq QQQ This strategy is designed to work with the Nasdaq 100 Index, and […]

Best Strategy for the Current Markets

Updated Swing Trading Strategy

The storm clouds burst in the financial markets in early 2018 The skies were blue and clear in 2017. But lightning has hit the financial markets very frequently since then. 2018 has been a year for traders to remember as volatility returned with a vengeance. I was caught out like many people. February and March have […]

6 Things I Learned from a Market Downturn

Tradinformed - Market Downturn

Last week I was like most traders around the world. As the markets fell, I was biting my nails, drinking gallons of coffee and waiting anxiously for the next leg down. Each morning I would wake up and check the markets on my phone before doing anything else. But as last week’s violent market downturn […]