My names is Mark Ursell and I am a full time individual trader and investor.  I trade forex, indices and stocks and write this blog to discuss the latest issues related to trading the financial markets.  I will keep the blog regularly updated with my thoughts on trading strategies, investment conditions, economics and anything else I find interesting.

My trading style is based on a combination of technical and fundamental factors.  I use different types of trading to suit different instruments, timeframes and market conditions.  My posts will often consist of a mixture of technical and fundamental analysis.

I am very interested in using backtesting to improve trading strategies and using automated trading strategies.  I particularly like to use Microsoft Excel as a backtesting platform and I regularly write about this.  In addition, I use MT4 for trading forex, backtesting and automated trading.

All ideas and analysis are my own (except where stated) and is for information purposes only.


You can Contact Me Here. I am always happy to talk about any aspects of trading, backtesting or interesting projects.

You can find me on YouTubeTwitter, Facebook and Google+.

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The majority of products shown on this website are made by me. These products are designed to help traders test and develop their own strategies. There are also a small number of affiliate links to other people’s products on this website (mostly trading books). This means if you decide to make a purchase, I will get a sales commission. But that does not mean my opinion is for sale. Every affiliate link is to a product that I have personally used and found useful. Please do your own research before making any purchase online.