Hundreds of trading books are published every year.  See my guide to the books that are worth reading and will make you a better trader.

Classic trading read

With this book, Jack Schwager defined the modern day trading book. Combining his in-depth knowledge of the markets with a keen instinct for a story. This book inspired me and countless other traders.

A strong comeback

I wondered whether he still had the magic. This cold world of flash crashes and algorithmic trading does not have much room for large personalities. But thankfully the result was a deep insight into the real people who have achieved success in today’s financial markets.

Insight into a Master

The best book by far written about the life of a trader. Describing events that occurred in the golden age of the New York Stock Exchange. Reading this book makes you realise that what it takes to be a great trader has not changed.

Equalling the original

Schwager’s 1992 sequel was a triumph. Repeating his trick of insight, anecdote and useful methods. Covering a variety of styles and approaches this book made me realise that there are many different ways to play the markets.

Simple, powerful stuff

Perry Kaufman is a thoughtful and inventive trading systems developer. He can explain intellectual ideas in a way that anyone can understand. This book has been a big inspiration for my thinking about technical indicators and how to trade the markets.

Simple, powerful stuff

Dr Elder’s clear-headed view of the markets is invaluable for new and experienced traders. A simple and flexible approach to the markets combined with a rigorous focus on discipline and organisation.