This page gives you my guide to the best trading books of all time. Hundreds of trading books are published every year.  Read the books that are actually worth reading and will make you a better trader.

Classic trading read

With this book, Jack Schwager defined the modern day trading book. Combining his in-depth knowledge of the markets with a keen instinct for a story. This book inspired me and countless other traders. Read My Review: Market Wizards

A strong comeback

I wondered whether he still had the magic. This cold world of flash crashes and algorithmic trading does not have much room for large personalities. But thankfully the result was a deep insight into the real people who have achieved success in today’s financial markets.

Insight into a Master

The best book by far written about the life of a trader. Describing events that occurred in the golden age of the New York Stock Exchange. Reading this book makes you realise that what it takes to be a great trader has not changed. Read my review: Reminiscences of a Stock Operator.

Learn From The Best

Jim Simons was a brilliant mathematician who changed the world of trading forever. In Gregory Zuckerman’s highly readable book, he explains how Jim Simons early career set him on a path to pioneer modern algorithmic trading. Read my review: Man Who Solved The Market

Equalling the original

Schwager’s 1992 sequel was a triumph. Repeating his trick of insight, anecdote and useful methods. Covering a variety of styles and approaches this book made me realise that there are many different ways to play the markets. 

Simple, powerful stuff

Perry Kaufman is a thoughtful and inventive trading systems developer. He can explain intellectual ideas in a way that anyone can understand. This book has been a big inspiration for my thinking about technical indicators and how to trade the markets.

Simple, powerful stuff

Dr Elder’s clear-headed view of the markets is invaluable for new and experienced traders. A simple and flexible approach to the markets combined with a rigorous focus on discipline and organisation. Read my review: Come Into My Trading Room

Cognitive Bias Trading

The greatest traders and investors make the most money when things the markets are irrational. Think about Warren Buffet: ‘fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.’ In this book algorithmic trader Larry Connors explains seven strategies for profiting from irrational markets.