Unity Excel Trading Models

Algorithmic Trading Made Easy

What Does Unity Do?

  • Unity is a revolutionary Excel model that lets you backtest, optimize and trade live in the financial markets
  • No more guessing the best settings; you will now be able to backtest historical data and find out what actually works
  • Choose from a range of popular and classic trading strategies or program your own
  • Be your own Hedge Fund Manager. Trade different strategies and unlock the power of algorithmic trading
  • Work smarter, not harder. You decide the strategy then let Unity trade for you
Unity Excel Trading Model Programming Support

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✅ Futures Trading

✅ Stock Trading

✅ Crypto Trading

✅ Forex Trading

📈 Historical Data Testing & Optimization

💥 Trade Entry Criteria Testing & Optimization

👌 Unlimited Backtesting on any Historical Data

🔧 Create Automated Trade Entry Rules Based on your Strategy and Market Conditions.