Get Better Trades With Portfolio Analysis

Last Updated on September 22, 2023 by Mark Ursell

‘Diversification: the only “free lunch” in finance’

Harry Markowitz, Nobel Prize-Winning Economist and originator or Modern Portfolio Theory

An age-old question is: what is more important quantity or quality?

What if you could have the best of both worlds?

This video explores how portfolio analysis can give you high quality AND high quantity trades.


In the video, I demonstrate a Tradinformed Backtest Model that analyzes a trading strategy’s results based on a market portfolio. I test an RSI-based system against a portfolio of seven ETFs.

I focus on how you can refine your strategy to take the best quality trades.

YouTube video

Get More Winning Trades

If you are eager to take your trading strategies and market analysis to the next level, consider exploring Tradinformed Excel Backtest Models. These Excel-based models will help you design, optimize and track your trading strategies.

The 15-in-1 Package is our most powerful package. This will help you learn how to backtest trading strategies and make informed trading decisions while providing you with the tools you need to develop your own trading systems.