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The biggest problem facing most traders is finding a trading method that they can trust

It is difficult to find a strategy that works; a strategy that is profitable over the long-term and fits into your lifestyle.

The financial markets move quicker than ever and it is vital to have a sound trading method. Most people find themselves trying many different strategies but are not sure which is best.

This lack of confidence is a fatal flaw for any trader. You must be able to trust both yourself and how you trade. Otherwise you will soon find yourself missing out on winning trades.

But it is difficult to build confidence when you are losing money and the market keeps changing.

Traders keep making the same mistakes

Many traders find themselves making the same mistakes over and over again. They hold on to big losses and miss out on the big winners. It seems like every time they enter long, the market turns down. And then when they go short, the market reverses and hits a new high.

The only way to deal with these issues is to have a strategy that you trust. A strategy that has a positive expectancy over many years. If you understand how your strategy should perform you will know when something is wrong.

The most powerful way to improve your trading is to get more faith in your strategy. True confidence can only come from a belief that the strategy will work well in the future.

Past performance does not equal future results. However, if your strategy has not worked in the past, you can be fairly certain that it will not work in the future.

What does a model look like?

A Tradinformed model looks like a regular spreadsheet. They are designed and saved in the latest version of Excel but can be opened and used in a wide variety of spreadsheet software.

You can see Tradinformed models being demonstrated by me: How to Use a Tradinformed Backtest Model.

How do they work?

Tradinformed models are different because they are built using ordinary spreadsheet formulas. The models are open and unlocked and changes are easy to make.

Because the models are in Excel you can see every calculation step. You can check that indicators are correct, and understand what each trade is doing.

Become an Expert in Your Strategy

Not everyone wants to test their trading strategies. It is technical, time-consuming and takes a lot of practice. But with a Tradinformed custom model you can get a model produced quickly and to your requirements.

When you order the model, let me know what variables you want to test and I will program then in. When you have the model you will be able to make your own changes. Add new data and try different technical indicators.

Not only that but you can test different stops and profit targets. You can instantly see how the strategy performs with different amounts of leverage. And, with a bit of practice, you will learn how to test different entries and exits.

With a model you can study different market conditions. And find out how your strategy works in Bull, Bear and Sideways markets.

What does it cost?

The rate for modelling work is US $100 per hour.

For a basic model it normally takes 3-4 hours of work. This includes the time taken to carry out the modelling and an initial Skype or phone consultation.

If your strategy is more complex, let me know the details and I can advise you how long it will take.

See the FAQ for More Information

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm making money this year, why do I need a model?

The Law of Small Numbers suggests that all of us are vulnerable to making assumptions based on a small amount of data. With a Tradinformed model you can test way more data. You can also test different markets to see how the strategy performs.

Not only that but you can try different variables to see how they affect the results. The aim of this is not to fit to past data but to design a strategy to cope with a wide variety of market conditions.

How do I pay?

Once we have agreed the cost I will submit an invoice via PayPal.

Why do you ask for payment in advance?

Most models are short-term projects. They will be completed in about a week. Getting payment up front speeds up the project and keeps the costs down for everyone. All my project time is spent on your spreadsheet.

If you require a larger project, we will agree on an appropriate fee schedule.

What is the average cost?

A basic model using a Tradinformed standard template normally requires 2-3 hours of work.

I am available for an initial Skype or phone consultation.

Can I make changes myself?

Yes absolutely!

In fact I encourage it. There is a load of information about How to use a Tradinformed Model on this site. And there is even more coming soon.

What should I do if I can't afford a Custom Model?

No problem. You can purchase a Tradinformed Model and test your own strategies. Get some advice here: How to Use a Tradinformed Backtest Model. And then check out the Tradinformed Shop to see the latest models.

And don’t forget there is plenty of free material on this site to get you started.

How can I contact you?

It’s easy. Click on the button to the right and use the Contact Form to let me know what you need.