Technical Indicators

Indicators are at the very heart of Technical Analysis. They take price and volume data and package it into useful guides to the markets.

Some indicators confirm the market trend and others show momentum. We use indicators to compare different markets, make trade entries and take profits.

Learning the internal workings of technical indicators is a fascinating process for traders and investors. It gives a deeper understanding of what the indicators are saying and how this relates to trading the markets.

eBook – How to Calculate 21 Technical Indicators Using Excel

Learning how indicators are calculated will let you understand and interpret them. It will help you to improve your trading and investment strategies.

In this eBook I show how anyone can calculate their favourite indicators. I go through the calculations step by step. You will be amazed at how quickly you can calculate the indicators.

Following the steps in the book you will be able to combine different indicators and even create your own indicators.  By going through the book you will also improve your Excel skills.

What Indicators are Included

The book contains 21 of the most popular indicators. Included are

  • Oscillators like MACD and RSI
  • Trend following indicators like the SuperTrend and PSAR
  • Support and resistance indicators like Pivot Points and Fractals
  • Japanese candlestick patterns including the Doji and Engulfing pattern

The book also has many tips and ideas for how to use each indicator.

Free Spreadsheet

The book comes with a spreadsheet including all the indicator calculations. You can use the spreadsheet straight away to analyse historic price data and backtest your trading systems. The spreadsheet is in Excel format but can be opened in all the main spreadsheet programs.

You can also buy the spreadsheet directly: 21 Technical Indicators.

Amazon Kindle

The book is available in the Kindle Store. Kindle books can be read on Smartphones, Tablets and Computers. iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry users can download the free app. PC and Mac users can read them by using the free software.

Good luck in your trading!

Backtest a Trading Strategy Using Excel

The book comes with a spreadsheet including all the calculations