Indicators are at the very heart of Technical Analysis. They take price and volume data and package it into useful guides to the markets.

Some indicators confirm the market trend and others show momentum. We use indicators to compare different markets, make trade entries and take profits.

Learning the internal workings of technical indicators is a fascinating process for traders and investors. It gives a deeper understanding of what the indicators are saying and how this relates to trading the markets.

Following the steps in the book you will be able to combine different indicators and even create your own indicators.By going through the book you will also improve your Excel skills.

Trading is a tough business, it is hard to make money year after year. The markets are always moving and changing. Traders need to be able to adapt and change when necessary.

The best data available to a trader is how the markets behaved in the past. We can use this historic data to observe and analyse how indicators and strategies performed in the past.

In this follow up eBook, I look at some more unusual indicators. I show exactly how each one of them is calculated using Excel formulas. I also describe what the indicators do and show many examples of the indicators on charts.

Every trader can learn to test their own trading strategies. This is probably the most important factor in learning to trade and becoming profitable.

Tradinformed Backtest Models are built in Excel. They use standard formula and allow anyone to do things like: test different markets, try different technical indicators and refine entry and exit techniques.

If you are interested in becoming a better trader have a look at this Guide to Using a Tradinformed Model.