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Do you want to get more winning trades? Worried that your strategy is losing money?
Tanking prices and big losing trades can destroy your profits. Many traders are not sure who to trust and end up selling at the wrong time.
Tradinformed Backtest Models give you the power to research different strategies and decide which is the best. Avoid the pain of following a losing strategy. Learn whether your strategy is reliable before you lose money trading it.

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15 in 1 Combined Backtest Package

As a trader, you know how hard it is to succeed consistently in today's constantly fluctuating financial markets. Experimenting with indicators and strategies to find one that suits you is complex and time-consuming.

Tradinformed Backtest Models are easy to use and understand. You can apply different types of trading strategies based on the markets you follow and the current market conditions.

Don't wait for the perfect time! Get our most comprehensive package by purchasing the 15 in 1. Available for instant download, click below to get it now.

In the package you get

  • Diverse Strategies: Includes 12 different backtest models for exploring a wide range of trading strategies.
  • Technical Indicators: Offers 63 technical indicators and chart patterns to help you test a huge range of ideas.
  • User-Friendly: Designed for all levels of trading expertise, with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and all built in Microsoft Excel.

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