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The financial markets are difficult to understand and there are all sorts of gurus giving you advice. Tradinformed gives you real quantifiable data that you can use.

With the power of Tradinformed Models you will be able to discover what works for youself. 

Why Use Excel To Test Trading Strategies?

I strongly believe that Excel is the only tool that most traders need for backtesting. You already know how to use the software.

With Tradinformed Models you can use the built-in tools to analyse and optimize your strategies.  So that you can trade your live strategies with confidence.

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I Can Help You

Do you have a great trading strategy idea but are not sure how to test it?

Do you want somebody with years of backtesting experience to help you develop and bring out the best in your strategy?

Do you need technical support to create a custom backtest model that you can help you and your team test new ideas?

I have been designing trading strategies and backtesting for many years. Let me help you.

Get in touch using the button below and let me know what you need.

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Mark Ursell Explaining Excel

How can I test my strategy or develop a new one?



This can come from anywhere: your charts, books or the internet.



Load the market data you want into your model. Copy the technical indicators. Program the strategy using the guides.



When you have a model you are happy with you can trade with confidence!

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