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A Profitable Nasdaq QQQ Long-Term Strategy

Nasdaq QQQ Long Term Strategy

This article describes a Nasdaq QQQ trading strategy. The strategy is easy to manage, and it will keep you on the right side of all the major trends. You can watch the video below to see me demonstrating the strategy. Table of Contents Nasdaq QQQ Video Tradinformed Backtest Model The Trading Strategy Market Direction Filter […]

How to Calculate a Trailing Stop-Loss Using Excel

EURUSD Trailing Stop

This post shows how an Excel backtest model can be used to calculate a trailing stop-loss for a trading strategy. You can now purchase spreadsheets directly from my website: Trading Spreadsheets Trailing Stop-Losses Trailing stops are popular among many different types of traders. The key aspect of them is to try to capture as much […]

Create an Expert Advisor for a SuperTrend Trading Strategy

Create SuperTrend EA

In this article, I will show you how to build an Expert Advisor for a SuperTrend Trading Strategy. MT4 is a massively popular trading platform that is offered by a huge range of different brokers. This article will help you power-up your programming skills and help you quickly start backtesting your strategies. The article and […]

Optimise Trading Strategies using Excel and Tips for Good Practice

Ebook Course – How to Backtest a Trading Strategy Using Excel Do you want to improve your trading skills and profitability?  I have a new course available via the Amazon Kindle Store.  The course will show you how to program your own Excel Backtest Models. Learn more about the course Previous Videos in this Series […]

How to Calculate and use the MACD Indicator in Microsoft Excel


This video article describes how you can calculate the MACD Indicator in Microsoft Excel.  I believe the MACD is a particularly useful indicator on the weekly chart and can help to create a long-term trading strategy. Formulas Used: EMA Factor =2/(periods+1) EMA =((current + previous average)*EMA Factor) + previous average Trade Entry =IF(L39>0,IF(L38<0,”trade”,””),””)

Use Excel to Backtest a Trading Strategy using an ATR Stop-loss

This post continues the series of video articles about how to use Microsoft Excel to backtest trading strategies.  In this post I show how to calculate a stop-loss using the ATR and then how to backtest the trading strategy. For the previous video articles see, An Easy Way to use Excel to Backtest a Trading Strategy – Part […]

An Easy Way to use Excel to Backtest a Trading Strategy – Part 2

Renko Capital Graph

Continuing on from the previous article about how to use excel to backtest a trading strategy. For further information about backtesting trading strategies in Excel see the next article in this series: Use Excel to Backtest a Trading Strategy using an ATR Stop-loss. Formulas Used Gross Profit =sumif(range,”>0″) Gross Loss =sumif(range,”<0″) Net Profit =sum(range) Number of […]