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How to Trade the QQQ and TQQQ in 2023

Trade the QQQ and TQQQ

Do you want to trade the QQQ and TQQQ in 2023? These are two of the most popular ETFs for traders. And with good reason, they have performed incredibly well over a long time. And not only this, they are great for traders – they trend strongly and smoothly. In this article and video, I […]

Profitable ETF Gap Trading Strategies

ETF Gap Trading

I tested three different ETFs to answer the question: Can you profitably trade opening gaps? And if so: what markets and factors increase your chances of big winning trades? To trade well you need to get the odds in your favor. Whether you are a day trader or swing trader this analysis will help you […]

A Profitable Nasdaq QQQ Long-Term Strategy

Nasdaq QQQ Long Term Strategy

This article describes a Nasdaq QQQ trading strategy. The strategy is easy to manage, and it will keep you on the right side of all the major trends. You can watch the video below to see me demonstrating the strategy. Table of Contents Nasdaq QQQ Video Tradinformed Backtest Model The Trading Strategy Market Direction Filter […]