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4 Ways to Trade the Santa Claus Rally

Tradinformed - Santa Claus Rally

At this time of year investors and traders are looking forward to a bit of festive cheer. December has historically been seen as the best month for stocks. In this article, I am going to analyse whether the Santa Claus Rally still holds true and how to trade it. If you prefer to watch something […]

How to Time S&P 500 Entries Using the VIX

Trading the S&P 500 with the VIX

I recently received an email from Dr Alexander Elder in which he mentions using the VIX Volatility Index as an entry signal for the S&P 500. I particularly like that this trading idea is specific and measurable. In this article, I talk about the entry signal and show the results of testing this strategy. Alexander […]

How to Trade the S&P500 Using The Impulse Indicator

Impluse Indicator on the S&P 500

In this article I look at whether the Impulse Indicator is a good tool for trading the S&P 500 index. In my analysis I got some surprising results and I decided to share them here. The Impulse Indicator One of my all time classic trading books is Come Into My Trading Room by Dr. Alexander Elder. In this […]

What is Aroon and How to Trade it on the S&P 500

Tradinformed Aroon Indicator

Aroon – Dawn’s Early Light The S&P 500 index is a great way to invest, trade and make money out of the stock market. In this article, I show a straightforward but powerful trading strategy that anyone can use. This strategy is easy to follow using futures, CFDs and spread betting. This long-term trading strategy uses a […]

An Easy Way to use Excel to Backtest a Trading Strategy – Part 2

Renko Capital Graph

Continuing on from the previous article about how to use excel to backtest a trading strategy. For further information about backtesting trading strategies in Excel see the next article in this series: Use Excel to Backtest a Trading Strategy using an ATR Stop-loss. Formulas Used Gross Profit =sumif(range,”>0″) Gross Loss =sumif(range,”<0″) Net Profit =sum(range) Number of […]

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