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How to Create an EA for a SuperTrend Trading Strategy v.2

In December 2013 I wrote an article on How to Create an MT4 EA for a SuperTrend trading strategy. Since then the MQL4 programming language has had a few changes. So in this article, I will show how to update the EA to reflect the latest version of MQL4. This article is intended for people who […]

A Forex SuperTrend Trading Strategy

Tradinformed EUR/USD SuperTrend

In this article, I show a trading strategy that uses the SuperTrend indicator to trade the EUR/USD forex pair. I also show you how you can take this basic strategy and refine it to make it your own. See below for information about how you can test your own strategies and purchase the spreadsheet described in […]

Optimizing a SuperTrend Trading Strategy Expert Advisor

This article shows you how to optimize a MT4 Expert Advisor (EA) and turn a good trading strategy into a great one. The article follows on directly from How to Create an Expert Advisor for a SuperTrend Trading Strategy. In the previous article, I showed how to build the EA using the MQL4 programming language. You […]

Create an Expert Advisor for a SuperTrend Trading Strategy

Create SuperTrend EA

In this article, I will show you how to build an Expert Advisor for a SuperTrend Trading Strategy. MT4 is a massively popular trading platform that is offered by a huge range of different brokers. This article will help you power-up your programming skills and help you quickly start backtesting your strategies. The article and […]

Backtesting a SuperTrend Trading Strategy Using Excel

SuperTrend on S&P500

As the name suggests, the SuperTrend technical indicator helps to identify market trends. This article introduces a SuperTrend trading strategy and shows how the strategy can be backtested using Excel. To get a different perspective on the SuperTrend. See this recent article where I show how it can be profitable to reverse the indicator: A […]