Thank You

Thank you for your product. In few hours I have done more work than in a week :). It helped me a lot. Still learning to operate, but it looks perfect.

Arturas Jencius

Very Helpful Tools

Your website has really very helpful tools.

Gaurav Gupta

Appreciate Your Time and Effort

I do greatly appreciate your time and effort.  Your website and explanations of your work is very clear and helpful.  Have purchased some of your writings just because I wanted to read them

Jerry Dickson

Your Skills In This Area Are Truly Amazing

I started watching your videos on YouTube a while back and became very intrigued about using Excel/formulas to backtest strategies. Your skills in this area are truly amazing and am now motivated to learn how to do this myself to test my own strategies.

Vertina Sinclair

Very Happy

I have previously purchased some of your products and am very happy with them.

Brody Wills


Thank you creating this workbook!  It is going to open up new worlds to explore!  I checked two of the indicators versus the values shown in td ameritrades charts & prohet graphical software.  your values were either spot on or very very close! Congrats!

Arthur Schwartz

Love Your Work

Truly love your work and presentations.

Scott Asher


Thanks for the interesting articles and videos!

Michael Shotter

I'd Like To Congratulate You

I´d like to congratulate you for your work that is very useful for systematic traders that don´t have programming skills like me.I´ve just recently bought "All 63 Technical Indicators and Japanese Candlestick Patterns" excel template.

Gonçalo Santos

Your work is long over due

Your work is long over due for traders who want to build their own trading logarithms but lack the knowledge or the will to write code. I am certain that as more people find your YouTube site and then the ebooks you will grow in popularity and develop a large following.

Jim Erdy